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  • Child Health Care and Promotion

    Child health promotion is a program that encompass the physical, social and emotional development of the child, with the aim of their optimum health and development and preventing illness.

    The Program has many features which include:
    1. Guidance on important health topics such as development, behavioral problems, nutrition and the uses of child services.
    2. Measurement and recording of physical growth.
    3. Monitoring of developmental progress.
    4. Prevention of diseases by immunization.
    5. Detection of abnormalities by physical examination and screening tests, and by facilitating early recognition by parents.
    6. Health promotion and education.
    7. Identification of children in need, whether socially disadvantaged or with disabilities.

    The Child Health Promotion Program

    Age Screening Procedure General Examination Health Education
    New Born *Hip Examination
    *Testicular descent
    *Red Reflex
    *Phenylketonuria (after 72 hours)
    *Hearing Test
    *Head circumference
    *Full physical examination
    *Feeding and nutrition
    *Baby care
    *Crying and sleep problems
    *Passive smoking
    *Car seats
    6-8 weeks *Hip examination
    *Testicular descent
    *Head circumference
    *Cardiac examination
    *Recognition of illness in babies
    *Accidents- fires, falls and scalds, baths
    8 mth, 2 yr and 3-4yr *No longer routine, but targeted at needy and families at risk *Development *Accident prevention
    *Passive smoking
    Developmental needs, language and play
    *Behavioral problems
    School entry *Vision (Snellen test)
    *Hearing ( Sweep test)
    *Nurse selects children who require a medical evaluation
    *Height, weight
    *Review Immunization status
    *Parental and teacher concerns
    8 years *Visual Acuity *Diet
    *Dental care
    11 years *Visual Acuity
    *Color Vision
    *Health Education in school
    *Teenage counselling
    14 years *Visual Acuity *Careers advice
    *Self-referrals to school doctor or nurse
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